Monday, March 5, 2012

Underwater Himalayas

I'm getting used to the idea that everything I want to dip my toe into is deep enough to swim in... deep enough to contain underwater himalayas. I think I'm getting better at not bothering with all the toe-dipping and just diving straight down. 

You know when you're starting off as a programmer, you come across a lot of mysterious documentation. Documentation that was written for experts, by experts. I used to look at such things as barbed wire fences around programs that were not meant for me. But now, I see them as just one of thousands of mountains in this beautiful underwater world of which I am one of the newest full citizens. These mountains are mine for the climbing. I have crampons, and torches, and food supplies, and ropes. I am prepared for more, can see further into the darkness, can guess where the footholes might be. I am prepared for wonder and awe, and new sights! 

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